Planet 7 Technologies announced that it will change its name to Agital, Inc., effective August 28, 2001. Agital has also chosen the “.net” suffix for the company’s URL, in order to maintain a connection to its origin in network data management. Agital uses XML and Java to connect and transform business information through Data Conditioning technology that parses, processes, and intelligently delivers newly conditioned data in real-time to disparate business applications, services, and devices. In a separate announcement, Agital announced the release of the next generation of the company’s software platform that solves complex data integration by reducing the complexity of existing e-business applications. A 30-day evaluation version of the Agital Solution Development System is available today at no charge. Design licenses start at approximately US$890.00 for a single developer, single CPU license. Development and test licenses start at approximately US$3,275.00 for a single developer with unlimited distribution/CPU permissions. Deployed Agital Solutions start at US$10,675 for a five CPU license and require the purchase of an Agital Solution Development System. OEM/Reseller pricing is available, and may be negotiated on an individual basis.