ESPS, Inc. (dba Liquent) announced that Interwoven, Inc. has entered into an OEM licensing agreement with Liquent for its Xtent rendering technology. Interwoven plans to use Xtent as an integral component of its future products and services. Liquent’s Xtent is an automated content transformation engine that integrates with Interwoven’s TeamSite, TeamXML, TeamCatalog and MetaTagger product lines. It provides these products with high-fidelity XML transformations of popular file formats for management, storage and intelligent tagging and reuse of content across multiple eBusiness applications and initiatives. A scalable solution designed to meet enterprise-wide needs, Xtent enables organizations to extract structured and unstructured content from legacy document management repositories and hundreds of source formats for storage and management in Interwoven’s XML content management products, like TeamXML. Xtent automatically creates representations, or “renditions,” of content in an XML schema that retains the integrity, fidelity, and context of the original source information. Transformation to this schema, which leverages W3C standards, permits the content to be combined, converted and distributed in a variety of popular output formats, including WML, XML, HTML, XHTML, SVG, PDF, OEB, MS Word and printed paper.,