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Day: August 22, 2001

Active IQ to Offer IntraNet Solutions’ Content Management to Middle Market

Active IQ Technologies Inc. announced that it has formed a strategic relationship with IntraNet Solutions, Inc. to offer Web content management solutions to small- and medium-sized businesses worldwide. IntraNet Solutions’ SmartCabinet product, a user interface for business users built on the Xpedio Content Management system, is an integral part of the Epoxy Network. This Network is a complementary suite of eBusiness software products and services that Active IQ offers to the small to medium-sized business market. The SmartCabinet product provides an intuitive interface to the Xpedio Content Server. Xpedio enables customers to rapidly deploy business Web sites and automates the process of maintaining timely, accurate information on these sites. Business content from sources including desktop applications, business applications and contribution templates is managed and published in Web-based formats such as XML, HTML, WML, cHTML and PDF. Business personalization and integration with corporate security models ensures that users access only the information they are entitled to see. ,

Steelpoint Technologies Announces Release Of Introspect eCM 4.0

Steelpoint Technologies Inc. has released Introspect eCM 4.0. Introspect eCM is a legal content management application that integrates into the leading personal information management systems, including Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes, as well as other collaborative intranet environments. Introspect eCM is available for both in-house and ASP deployment. Introspect eCM 4.0 has many new features and enhancements, including a flexible, scalable content server, advanced printing features, a Bates stamp module, enhanced reporting capabilities, privileged pages and documents, and the Browser application, which allows you to work with your documents from within Microsoft Internet Explorer. Introspect eCM also provides transcript compatibility with LiveNote, RealLegal and any other transcript application that supports portable transcript format (PTF) files. Introspect eCM managed content integrates with e-mail, case calendars, tasks, contact lists and threaded discussions to support a comprehensive case management workspace.

Informative Graphics’ Brava! Integrated with Documentum 4i

Informative Graphics announced the integration of its Brava! WebKit with the Documentum 4i eBusiness Platform. Brava! WebKit, also known as Brava! 3.0, is designed for integration into existing Web sites, intranets and document management solutions. The integration enables the viewing and redlining of design or documentation changes using a standard browser, without requiring a plug-in, a client side download or installation, or the need to reconfigure your computer to use the latest Java Virtual Machine. Documents and drawings reside on customers’ servers and are delivered to user desktops inside or outside the firewall via a small, simple Java applet. Since Brava! honors existing security measures and does not transfer the actual file to the client for display, it’s a secure online collaboration tool for design, supply and project information over the Web. Brava!’s functionality includes the ability to pan, zoom and rotate drawings; calibrated measurement; several printing features and a range of configurable options for customization by customers and partners.

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