Steelpoint Technologies Inc. has released Introspect eCM 4.0. Introspect eCM is a legal content management application that integrates into the leading personal information management systems, including Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes, as well as other collaborative intranet environments. Introspect eCM is available for both in-house and ASP deployment. Introspect eCM 4.0 has many new features and enhancements, including a flexible, scalable content server, advanced printing features, a Bates stamp module, enhanced reporting capabilities, privileged pages and documents, and the Browser application, which allows you to work with your documents from within Microsoft Internet Explorer. Introspect eCM also provides transcript compatibility with LiveNote, RealLegal and any other transcript application that supports portable transcript format (PTF) files. Introspect eCM managed content integrates with e-mail, case calendars, tasks, contact lists and threaded discussions to support a comprehensive case management workspace.