Active IQ Technologies Inc. announced that it has formed a strategic relationship with IntraNet Solutions, Inc. to offer Web content management solutions to small- and medium-sized businesses worldwide. IntraNet Solutions’ SmartCabinet product, a user interface for business users built on the Xpedio Content Management system, is an integral part of the Epoxy Network. This Network is a complementary suite of eBusiness software products and services that Active IQ offers to the small to medium-sized business market. The SmartCabinet product provides an intuitive interface to the Xpedio Content Server. Xpedio enables customers to rapidly deploy business Web sites and automates the process of maintaining timely, accurate information on these sites. Business content from sources including desktop applications, business applications and contribution templates is managed and published in Web-based formats such as XML, HTML, WML, cHTML and PDF. Business personalization and integration with corporate security models ensures that users access only the information they are entitled to see. ,