Open Market, Inc. released Content Server 3.6 and Content Centre 3.6 providing integration with additional operating system platforms, language support, and search capabilities. Content Server and Content Centre, both pure J2EE technologies, are key components of Open Market’s product family, Content Server Enterprise Edition. Content Server 3.6 introduces support for two new operating system platforms, IBM AIX and Microsoft Windows 2000. In addition, there are new capabilities in the area of internationalization with certification for most European languages as well as Japanese, Chinese and the UTF-8 character set. And Content Server now offers optional imbedding of the Alta Vista search engine V3.0 and the Verity Connector for customers who have installations of the Verity Information Server. Content Centre 3.6 is the CSEE browser-based application that enables non-technical business managers to create, manage, manipulate, and deliver content to numerous targets, including Web sites, PDAs, cell phones, and other wireless devices. It also provides out of box, automated workflow and version control. Improvements in this version include a new rendering model for dynamic sites which encourages site designers to take full advantage of the disk caching options; a new sample site that serves as a blueprint for all aspects of site design; Java Server Page support which allows developers to code page elements with either XML or JSP; and a Share Assets option that allows site operators to re-use content assets across multiple sites and other delivery devices. The Content Server 3.6 and Content Centre 3.6 are available now on the electronic distribution site and CD-ROM. The pricing is unchanged from previous versions.