Interwoven, Inc. announced the release of TeamXML software, its XML repository, and Interwoven OpenSyndicate, the latest addition to its content distribution product suite. TeamXML allows customers to migrate individual Web assets, or even components of assets, to XML as circumstances dictate. This managed adoption maximizes upfront benefits and minimizes upfront costs. TeamXML offers a discovery model based on parametric search that provides ease-of-access to reusable content components. With the introduction of TeamXML, customers can now store all XML content natively. This important attribute boosts performance and increases scalability. Key product attributes of OpenSyndicate include: Content Packages — Controlled assembly of Web assets based on intelligent business rules; Targeted Delivery — Audience profiling for precise targeting, irrespective of format; and Secure Distribution — Guaranteed content delivery with a comprehensive audit trail. With easy-to-use subscriber management and group profiling, non-technical contributors can match content packages with target constituencies, whether it’s XML, PDF, WAP or any other output format. OpenSyndicate supports the two primary models for syndication required by global enterprises: Standard Syndication — delivery based on open-standards distribution protocols, and Email-Based Syndication — delivery based on an email-based subscriber model. In both cases, business managers are able to make decisions about when, how, and in what format content is syndicated. Interwoven OpenSyndicate software works in conjunction with Interwoven TeamSite software and TeamXML software.