Vignette Corp. announced the upcoming release of the Vignette Enterprise Application Portal. The Vignette Enterprise Application Portal is a fully configurable, J2EE-based, out-of-the-box solution that provides the necessary infrastructure for a company to deploy an enterprise-level portal to carry out e-business transactions; manage relationships with customers, partners, suppliers and employees; and perform many mission-critical business functions through a common, enterprise-scale interface. The Vignette Enterprise Application Portal features browser-based management dashboards that enable business and technical users to control a host of functions from a central location. Site administrators can configure the portal to manage content from disparate sources and deliver what is relevant to users on a contextual basis. A customer-facing portal deployed using the Vignette Enterprise Application Portal can gather information about users as they move through the digital environment and make recommendations about content and presentation based on behavior and usage patterns. The Vignette Enterprise Application Portal enables out-of-the-box collaboration through virtual team rooms, threaded discussion groups and shared calendars, bringing a community of users together online. Delegated administration capabilities help organizations to reduce overhead costs for customizing, configuring and deploying their portal structure by putting administration responsibilities in the hands of business owners while allowing information technology workers to retain technical and architectural control. The Vignette Enterprise Application Portal will be available to customers in early July 2001.