TIBCO Software Inc. announced the commercial release of XML Validate, a member of the TIBCO Extensibility product family. XML Validate is an enterprise-grade solution for validating streaming XML documents or messages against an XML Schema or DTD. This Simple API for XML (SAX)-based implementation for run-time validation provides organizations with the core component in developing high bandwidth, XML-based processing. XML Validate is a core building block for creating an e-commerce processing engine for XML documents and messages, and has the potential of handling millions of transactions per day per server. XML Validate can easily be inserted into an existing XML parsing scenario, enabling validation to occur the instant it is received by the parser. Additionally, it supports the validation of DTDs to allow connectivity with organizations not currently using XML Schema. XML Validate is an SDK and will run on Windows 2000, NT and UNIX platforms. It is available on a per server basis and currently available for delivery. www.extensibility.com, www.xmlschema.com, www.tibco.com