Mercado Software announced UniClass, an automated product classification and attribute extraction solution for e-Catalogs. With the introduction of UniClass, Mercado Software broadens its offering of e-Catalog Essentials to distributors, shopping portals, e-Procurement sites, e-Marketplaces, and e-Catalog content providers. UniClass quickly and accurately processes hundreds of catalogs with millions of SKUs across multiple product domains. It has the flexibility to support any standard or custom classification scheme. UniClass provides rich content and consistent results — with 99% accuracy. UniClass works With Any Classification Scheme UniClass works with the aggregator’s preferred classification system, whether it is an e-Commerce industry standard (such as UNSPSC, eCl@ss, or RUS) or its own custom classification scheme. UniClass accommodates any e-Catalog. It works with any catalog database and can import and export files in XML or delimited text format. UniClass accommodates any XML format, including e-Commerce industry standard such as xCBL, cXML and ebXML. UniClass is available immediately through Mercado Software sales channels worldwide. Contact Mercado Software for pricing.