Mediasurface introduced the next version of its content management application software, Mediasurface 3.5. The new release has three key attributes designed to distinguish it from other content management applications: Interaction – supports user roles, rules and processes and allows contributors, whether inside or outside the organization, to interactively create content while adhering to business processes through its flexible workflow capabilities; Intelligence – Combines knowledge and content management into Mediasurface 3.5, enabling the user community to intelligently store and retrieve content when needed; and Integration – New integration capabilities, including pre-built adapters for application servers, commerce applications and content exchange tools, along with a software developer’s kit. Mediasurface 3.5 includes a deep integration at the server level with APIs from Autonomy Dynamic Reasoning Reason Engine and Oracle Intermedia. Mediasurface 3.5 includes integration adapters to provide out-of-the-box integration with e-business products in a wide range of categories (CRM, e-Commerce, B2B marketplace, application servers, localization, digital channels and content exchange). The Mediasurface 3.5 software development kit (SDK) provides developers with the facilities — technical interfaces, open standards including XML, J2EE, LDAP and SQL, sample code, and best practices — to develop their own adapters and leverage many of the core features and extension points of the Mediasurface architecture. Mediasurface 3.5 will be available by the end of May 2001.