Vignette Corp. announced new enhancements to the Vignette Business Integration Studio (VBIS), an application that empowers businesses to integrate content management systems and business processes of different companies as well as marketplaces and their participants. VBIS enables the integration of business processes through a graphical interface. Developers can build a flowchart of the desired process on any terminal, select the necessary adapters from a standard toolbar and the application will do the rest with no programming involved. With more than 50 prepackaged, intelligent adapters for applications from vendors such as SAP, Siebel Systems Inc. and Microsoft Corp. – as well as standard technologies such as XML, JMS and HTTP – VBIS brings drag-and-drop tools to business process integration. By using VBIS, companies can now rapidly integrate traditional enterprise resource planning ERP, SCM and CRM functions. Because it supports J2EE VBIS operates with application servers including BEA WebLogic and IBM WebSphere. With new features, such as clustering support for WebLogic and multiple process deployments, customers can now respond to their scalability requirements while selecting from a variety of powerful adapter development tools to get to market faster. VBIS goes beyond other EAI solutions by allowing companies to not only translate data between different applications, but by providing full business process integration with the ability to design the entire process in a non-programming user interface. Vignette Business Integration Studio also extends the Vignette Collaborative Commerce Server (VCCS) by allowing integration between back-end and legacy systems and the platforms and applications of trading partners, suppliers and customers. The Vignette Business Integration Studio and the Vignette Collaborative Commerce Server are currently shipping.