Data Junction Corporation announced the release XML Junction version 7.51. XML Junction is a subset of DJ Corp’s Integration Suite. XML Junction’s enhancements include performance improvements, and extends DJ Corp’s XML support by developing bi-directional adaptors for gXML (Guideline XML), ebXML and Microsoft’s BizTalk XDR (XML Data Reduced). XML Junction leverages gXML simplifying the design of EDI translation maps. gXML allows EDI specifications to be published on the Web as XML for the integration and exchange of business documents among trading partners. With the addition of compliant adaptors for each of these XML specifications, XML Junction users can create, parse and map XML data formats to and from nearly any other data format faster and easier than before. XML Junction incorporates SAX (Simple API for XML) technology for high performance loading and parsing of large XML documents containing greater than 100 record types. It delivers 15X speed improvements in writing XML messages via rich EOM keyword support for MQ Series and MSMQ adapters. DTD validations against XML schema and rules files are now in XML Junction.