Authentica, Inc. introduced NetRecall, a solution that lets enterprises share valuable Web content with business partners and colleagues while actively controlling what recipients can do with it. NetRecall extends the protection of traditional Web security solutions, such as Web access control and SSL encryption, by allowing Web content to be controlled after it has been accessed or downloaded. Using the NetRecall Content Manager, Web authors create policies that indicate how recipients may access or use content, and then encrypt it. The Content Manager also allows authors to track activity on protected information. Protection policies are stored on a central Recall Policy Server and can be changed at any time. NetRecall encrypts each individual page and registers the keys for decrypting the pages, along with the associated policy, on the Recall Policy Server. When a user attempts to access a Web page, he or she downloads the NetRecall Secure Viewer plug-in and, if authorized, views the protected information. Web content is always protected even if it is saved to the local machine. In a centrally managed environment, the NetRecall administrator can configure the NetRecall Dynamic Protection Module to protect content that is dynamically generated from a Web server or application, without involving the Web author. In this scenario, NetRecall encrypts content as it is served from the Web server and is independent from the Web application and Web content management solutions. NetRecall is available immediately. Pricing is based on concurrent users and server configuration and starts at $17,000 (USD) for a 100-user installation.