Trapezo and Vigil Technologies announced they have entered into a strategic alliance to integrate Vigil’s e-Sense product solution with Trapezo’s hosted software solutions. e-Sense gathers Internet content on a 24×7 basis – dynamically locating and retrieving information for each client based on their interests and topics, which are specified in user- defined models. Trapezo’s software solutions enable businesses to efficiently distribute and publish dynamic content across internal or external networks. e-Sense automatically and continuously locates and monitors online sources such as news, corporate Web sites and other dynamic content for information relevant to user-defined models. These models reflect the customers’ business landscapes, capturing the companies, products, events and topics that are of most interest to them on an ongoing basis. e-Sense gathers only the most relevant content into a personalized database. Trapezo’s hosted software solution enables businesses to control and display content from multiple sources to multiple networks. Working as a standalone application, or with technology partners such as Vigil, Trapezo syndicates and integrates content quickly and cost-effectively solutions by automating cumbersome and repetitive manual processes of content distribution.,