MediaBin, Inc. announced the availability of the MediaBin Deployment Agent, a new option for managing and automating the production and accelerated delivery of correctly formatted images directly to web sites, or via general-purpose Web Content Management offerings from companies such as Interwoven, Vignette and others. The Deployment Agent combined with the MediaBin platform extends the functionality of web content management systems to include the aggregation, production, management, and tracking of product photography and brand images. eCommerce sites and B2B exchanges that work with thousands of images can use the MediaBin Deployment Agent to automate the production and delivery of new and updated content to their sites on a scheduled basis (e.g., daily, weekly, monthly). The MediaBin Deployment Agent can also be used to automatically regenerate all affected web images whenever a page template is changed, a task that would take hours or even days using manual processes. The Deployment Agent can also be used to generate images based on database criteria. For example, if a product line or group of products is going to be put on sale, MediaBin can regenerate all affected product images to include an appropriate sale label, such as “25% off! Today only” in an artistically-rendered translucent type face. The Deployment Agent is available for purchase as an add-on to the MediaBin platform.