NQL Inc. announced the full commercial availability of the NQL ContentAnywhere system — the company’s enterprise-level content integration and management platform. The NQL ContentAnywhere system was designed to be a complete solution for aggregating data from sources including the Internet, corporate databases, legacy systems and documents and quickly delivering it to virtually any destination, including enterprise and desktop applications, corporate databases, Internet-enabled devices, wireless devices, and corporate portals. With a wide range of content management functionalities, the NQL ContentAnywhere system can address the needs of IT architects, application developers, users and web site developers with technical elegance and simplicity. It provides a platform for customizing information collection (intelligent agents), content naming (taxonomy), content aggregation (central repository) and content refreshing at appropriate intervals (intelligent cache). Features include: A drop-down menu within Microsoft Office 2000 applications that enables direct insertion of text and multimedia content from the repository without leaving the application; The ability to copy and paste or drag and drop data into any desktop application or system; Access to content by mobile devices, such as Palm VII handhelds, Pocket PCs and WAP-enabled smart phones; Integration of repository information into database applications through an ODBC driver; Embedding of content tags in HTML pages using Microsoft Internet Information Services; Sharing of aggregated content between organizations via Microsoft.NET Web Services; and personalizing content by compiling the most frequently used information into a list of favorites for quick access. www.nqli.com