Inxight Software, Inc. announced the immediate availability of four Asian languages within its LinguistX Platform 3.1 and Summarizer 3.0 SDK products. Japanese, Korean and Traditional and Simplified Chinese are now available as plug-in modules for LinguistX Platform and Summar-izer. LinguistX Platform is a multi-lingual, natural language processing software engine used to analyze massive text repositories such as the World Wide Web, news archives, e-mail and document libraries. The product enables application developers to bring true language aware-ness to their search engines, content management systems, customer relationship management systems, and other products that handle large amounts of textual content. Summarizer SDK is a software engine that creates abstracts of online documents in sub-seconds, and customizes content into a summary size that is relevant to a user’s needs. These engines underlie applica-tions from Lotus, SAP, Oracle, Verity, Reuters, eGain, YellowBrix and Inktomi. LinguistX Platform provides a language-aware foundation for software applications, enabling developers and in-formation providers to build more intelligent solutions for full-text searches, electronic publish-ing, email routing and response, content delivery to wireless devices, and other text-intensive applications. LinguistX Platform 3.1 is provided as modular engines, reducing development costs and decreasing time to market. LinguistX Platform 3.1 and Summarizer 3.0 SDK offer a single object-oriented API for all 16-language versions. This single API supports most operating systems and platforms for multiple language integration. LinguistX Platform 3.1 and Summar-izer 3.0 SDK also have integrated automatic language identification, which identifies the lan-guage and character encoding of the document so the user does not need to set it. Inxight LinguistX Platform 3.1 and Summarizer SDK 3.0 in Asian languages for Windows, Solaris and Linux, are available now directly from Inxight.