AgentWare announced the general availability of its new Syndicator 2.0 software, a Java- and XML-based development platform for creating and integrating content, distributed applications and Web Services across the Internet. Designed to ensure rapid time-to-market, AgentWare’s Syndicator 2.0 development toolset offers functionality to improve the way businesses integrate and syndicate applications, expand to wireless and broadband platforms, and leverage existing Internet infrastructure to build Web Services. Also, as a result of its full mobile and broadband device compatibility, Syndicator 2.0 will allow businesses to rapidly develop and deploy online initiatives to multiple Internet devices, with no need for the creation of multiple applications to accommodate differing operating scenarios and delivery channels. AgentWare’s Syndicator 2.0 is an ideal solution for today’s Internet environment because 1) it enables businesses to quickly build customized applications that easily integrate with their existing systems, 2) it provides a powerful business tool that can efficiently and cost-effectively deliver both applications and Web Services over the Internet and 3) it significantly reduces the personnel costs, infrastructure costs and time needed to deploy an eBusiness solution.