SAQQARA Systems, Inc. introduced SAQQARA ContentWorks, a new application that speeds, simplifies and automates the complicated and labor intensive task of acquiring and transforming product data from multiple sources into ‘product content’ – technical, marketing and business information about products that is organized and structured to drive Internet-based transactions. ContentWorks is part of the comprehensive SAQQARA solution for B2B suppliers (manufacturers, Net market makers and distributors) to help them to implement a Transformation, Management and Exchange (TME) product content strategy. TME defines the processes necessary to ensure the creation of branded and differentiated product content that allows B2B suppliers to effectively market and sell on the Internet. ContentWorks streamlines the process of creating and maintaining fully branded and differentiated product content that gives B2B buyers all the information they need to make informed buying decisions. ContentWorks allows suppliers to acquire product data from a variety of sources, including structured databases, word processing formats, flat files, HTML and XML, and transform it based on rules created by the supplier’s product domain experts. The resulting product content can easily be published in an e-catalog or syndicated to trading partners in any required market taxonomy and interchange format including XML, cXML, xCBL, CIF, etc. With SAQQARA ContentWorks, B2B suppliers, especially Net market makers and distributors, can leverage their product domain expertise to simplify and automate the acquisition, cleansing, translation and classification of product data from multiple sources and in different data formats and taxonomies. SAQQARA ContentWorks is available today.