VCIX introduced ObjectXplorer, a graphical user interface for its Cortra Site Studio software. The uniqueness of ObjectXplorer lies in its object-oriented approach to the editing and management of web-based content. Articles, photographs, multimedia presentations, and other industry formats for web publishing are managed as flexible objects using ObjectXplorer. In addition to greatly simplifying the task of editors and website designers, ObjectXplorer makes it unnecessary to develop new and separate GUI’s for each individual project. ObjectXplorer not only speeds development time but also enables VCIX to provide customers with a single user interface for all of the web-based applications that Cortra currently provides: a portal manager, a classified ad manager, a digital asset manager, an intranet, an extranet and an e-commerce application for integration with on-line shops and stores. Cortra Site Studio enables non-technical staff to control all aspects of a web site’s content management, without the need for programmers or skilled technicians. A wide range of objects including text, images, and streaming media can be easily published, archived, scheduled, and managed, thereby producing a dynamic, robust, and scalable site that is easy to maintain and to adapt to changing business requirements. The Cortra software includes built-in support for XML.