VCIX introduced its Cortra Site Studio software to the web development market. Cortra Site Studio has been designed from the ground up using object-oriented architecture to meet the challenges of complex content aggregation, syndication and publishing on the web. Using Cortra Site Studio’s extensible object-oriented technology and its reusable component architecture, web development firms can more easily create customized solutions addressing their specific customer needs without the need to create new applications. Its intuitive, easy-to-use interface enables non-technical staff to control all aspects of a web site’s content management, without the need for programmers or skilled technicians. A wide range of objects including text, images and streaming media, can be easily published, archived, scheduled, and managed, producing a dynamic, robust and scalable site that is easy to maintain and adapt to changing business requirements. Because of these factors, Cortra lowers the cost of site creation and ownership for organizations building or redesigning their web presence. The Cortra software includes built-in support for XML and a standards-based object-oriented API. Cortra also allows users of Microsoft Visio 2000 to import UML (Unified Modeling Language) models of business processes and to automatically generate code for transforming those processes to the Web. VCIX, formerly known as Virtual Communities Inc., recently announced that it plans to exit the business of publishing community sites in order to concentrate exclusively on the development and marketing of the Cortra technology.