OnePage Inc. unveiling three new products that automate the collection, dissemination and presentation of Internet-based data. Based on its information retrieval technology, the new OnePage products make content aggregation and presentation easier and more cost effective, addressing a critical information task for organizations whose employees, suppliers and customers rely on timely, relevant content. OnePage announced three software products: OnePage Content Aggregator – Designed for corporations and web properties, the OnePage Content Aggregator automates and uncomplicates the process of collecting information from disparate sources – data feeds, web content, databases, etc. – and disseminating it throughout an enterprise or web site. OnePage Personal Portal – Designed for existing portals and other web properties, the OnePage Personal Portal enables web businesses to increase user satisfaction and retention by offering a unique environment where users can create personal pages with relevant content collected from any website. OnePage Corporate Portal – Designed for corporations, the OnePage Corporate Portal combines content aggregation features and the personalized portal functionality in a single solution to ensure that employees, customers and suppliers have the most relevant information available to them at any time. OnePage is offering its software as a hosted ASP solution and as stand-alone, licensed business applications.