Madge.web, a subsidiary of Madge Networks N.V. has entered into a strategic alliance with Magnifi. The alliance will provide businesses with premium service, rich content management solutions and project management tools to support the end-to-end marketing process — from strategic planning and creative development to program execution and assessment. Madge.web has also agreed to make an investment in Magnifi by the end of the fourth quarter. Magnifi’s workflow, brand and asset management extranet solutions are tailored to the marketing environment, enabling global marketing teams to collaborate online with each other, their agencies and partners around the world. In addition, companies can digitally store massive volumes of marketing material online, such as TV commercial footage or print advertising designs, for worldwide, client-secure retrieval. These services help companies to streamline brand management and marketing campaigns and reduce time to market. As part of the strategic alliance, Madge.web will integrate Magnifi’s solutions into its global, managed infrastructure, the “Overnet.” These content management solutions are designed to complement Madge.web’s other services for all stages of the rich content value chain (encompassing content creation, management and marketing). These other services, which are also integrated in Madge.web’s Overnet, include virtual private networking, managed hosting, encoding services, content distribution including streaming media, and Internet advertising solutions. Under the alliance, Madge.web is also Magnifi’s exclusive partner in Europe for sales and support, enabling Magnifi to expand their services to the region. First services resulting from the alliance are planned for availability by the first quarter of 2001.,