Excosoft AB announced the availability of Excosoft Content Manager, a fast, flexible and scalable document management system. Excosoft Content Manager is the first of three of the company’s planned packaged offerings, which also includes Excosoft Web Publisher and Excosoft Documentation System. A common feature of each offering is that they all leverage the latest Web technology to enable organizations to create, update, reuse, repurpose, and publish business critical information. Available immediately, Excosoft Content Manager enables businesses to cost-effectively communicate and coordinate information across globally distributed business units, as well as with their customers, partners, and suppliers. Excosoft Content Manager manages vast amounts of unstructured information with support for creation, administration, storage, publishing, and workflow. Excosoft Content Manager is a standards based content management system, which being designed to integrate with existing systems can be deployed quickly and easily. Moreover, the modular architecture of Excosoft Content Manager can be easily tailored to meet the specific requirements of an organization for performance and functionality. www.excosoft.com