NITF is an XML-based DTD designed for the markup and delivery of news content in a variety of ways, including print, wireless devices and the Web. It was developed by the International Press Telecommunications Council, an international consortium of news providers, and the Newspaper Association of America, Reston, Va. The standards groups first released NITF in spring 1999, and an NITF Maintenance Committee has made a number of improvements since then. NITF and NewsML. Both the NITF and the NewsML wrapper can be stand alone but may also be used in a complimentary manner as NITF objects can be moved within and managed by NewsML in a multimedia environment. NewsML Version final is expected to be released next month. Among the changes: Clarification of language and time elements; Deprecation or removal of several unneeded HTML elements; Addition of an alternate code element (), for reference to an internal or external controlled vocabulary as a way of identifying a company, organization or person, among other things. A new website contains extensive material on the revised DTD, including a tutorial, dynamic documentation, links to discussion forums and of course the DTD itself (with or without documentation). Also posted is a link to the IPTC’s Subject Code list, for identifying the content of news material in any media. An updated version of the News Industry Text Format is now posted at