BroadVision, Inc. launched BroadVision MarketMaker. With MarketMaker, customers can quickly create B2B exchanges and marketplaces. MarketMaker takes B2B exchanges beyond basic online commerce transactions by enabling the creation and management of online communities through content management, customer intercommunication and account management. Together, these capabilities are designed to build site loyalty through a sense of community and help net market makers quickly achieve and sustain the liquidity necessary for a thriving exchange. The following are included: Catalog Order – parametric search tool that enables users to browse an aggregated or supplier catalog to identify a fixed-price item; Request for Quotations – interactive transaction for requisitions based on select products or product attributes; Buyer and Supplier Negotiations – interactive collaboration of buyers and sellers directly negotiating transactions; Dynamic Auctioning – ability to use multiple pricing formats which include English (forward auction), Dutch (descending price auctions), Sealed-Bid Auction and Reverse Auction; multiple structured formats including Limit Bidding, Multi-Staged Bidding and Multi-Parameter Terms; Content Management – dynamically generated personalized content, such as news feeds, event notices and public interest groups; Community Interaction System – threaded discussion groups; Account Management – Web-based account management templates to accommodate CSR or self-service models. Also, buyers and suppliers can add new product entries and buy products from a common aggregated marketplace catalog or supplier-managed catalog. BroadVision MarketMaker will be made generally available on the HP-UX and Sun Solaris operating systems September 29, 2000.