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Day: September 27, 2000

IXOS-DocuLink 3.0 Released

IXOS SOFTWARE AG, announced a new release of its IXOS-DocuLink solution. IXOS-DocuLink organizes documents in structured folders and provides users with uniform access to both SAP data and non-R/3-related documents. The new release, IXOS-DocuLink 3.0, is integrated with Workplace. IXOS-DocuLink 3.0 fully supports the functionality of the new enjoySAP and Workplace user interfaces, and provides users with an intuitive and user-friendly environment. IXOS-DocuLink complements the process-oriented search and navigation functions with its document-oriented view. Companies today need quick and easy access to specific documents that are linked to business processes – such as inquiries, offers, orders and delivery notes. IXOS-DocuLink enables such results with its document-based approach so often required to access company-internal information. With IXOS-DocuLink, group-specific document views, such as customer files, can be easily configured and customized without additional programming. DocuLink does not require R/3-specific knowledge to access information. Users with little or no SAP knowledge can easily access and use all of the enterprise-wide information and/or documents. With IXOS-DocuLink, employees can link web-based Workplace R/3 data to non-SAP-related data to integrate them in a uniform view. In addition IXOS-DocuLink supports Workplace functionalities such as “drag and relate.” So, with IXOS-DocuLink, users can simply “drag and relate” to link an R/3 customer number to a process — and then quickly view all the documents for that specific customer number. IXOS-DocuLink 3.0 is immediately available to customers worldwide. IXOS-DocuLink 2.0 customers will receive a free upgrade to the new IXOS-DocuLink 3.0 version.

Information Architects Announces Release of XML-Based Visual Platform

Information Architects announced the first public display of its next generation content creation and exchange management platform. IARC will release an XML-based Visual Platform (XVP) that provides a total environment to quickly and easily, create, manage and merge content without coding and other related development resources normally associated with content exchange technology. The release is an enhancement to IARC’s patented SmartCode content delivery framework. Information Architects’ SmartCode XVP is a graphical environment that was designed from the ground up to alleviate the tremendous pressures that every business experiences to quickly add, transform and rearrange content on their sites. With little or no technical resource, SmartCode now enables the creation of a new “acquisition agent” and in minutes defines a new view, relationship or stylistic expression for its site. The SmartCode Framework represents a web exchange as a graphical “matrix,” enabling customers to view inter-relationships and attributes of the content, or metadata. It makes it unnecessary to write code in order to create new composite views of that content, which may reside on many different servers, mainframes or cache engines.

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