OASIS announced public access to the first phase of the XML.ORG Registry (http://xml.org/registry), an open registry and repository for XML specifications and vocabularies.

Designed to foster collaboration and enhance communication within industries, the XML.ORG Registry provides the community with a resource for accessing the fast-growing body of XML specifications being developed for vertical industries and horizontal applications.

Committed to open industry standards, the XML.ORG Registry offers a vendor-neutral forum for developers and standards bodies to publicly submit, publish and exchange XML specifications and vocabularies. Operated as a non-commercial venture, the XML.ORG Registry is a self-supporting resource created by and for the community. Industry groups and other organizations that have developed XML specifications can freely register their work at the XML.ORG Registry.

The OASIS “no strings attached” submission policy ensures that developers receive the benefits and recognition they deserve while retaining all the rights to their work and control over its use.

From its inception, the XML.ORG Registry has been a consensus-based effort to ensure interoperability with existing and emerging XML initiatives. The XML.ORG Registry developers continue to work with the OASIS Registry & Repository Technical Committee to define a specification for a global network of repositories. This specification is intended to allow interoperable registries to be created for use within industry organizations, communities and corporations. Ultimately, the XML.ORG Registry will link to standards-compliant repositories as they become available, as well as provide resources on its own site.

The XML.ORG Registry was made possible by the donation of resources from Documentum, Sun Microsystems, Oracle Corporation, IBM and DataChannel and demonstrates their commitment to providing the community with an open, independent resource for publicly available XML specifications. Sponsors of XML.ORG include DataChannel, Documentum, Commerce One, GCA, IBM, Mercator Software, Oracle Corporation, SAP, SoftQuad and Sun Microsystems. www.oasis-open.org