PureEdge and XMLSolutions have signed an agreement to combine PureEdge’s award-winning InternetForms Commerce System with XMLSolutions’ XEDI Translator. Together, PureEdge and XMLSolutions will allow organizations to leverage their investment in EDI by integrating legacy systems with partners and processes that were previously excluded from EDI-based relationships. The PureEdge-XMLSolutions integration will enable organizations using EDI to establish full trading relationships with partners of any size. InternetForms provide a legally binding XML front end to EDI systems, and appear as human-readable and familiar form interfaces to trading partners accessing them from Web browsers. A partner at a small or medium-sized enterprise can use a browser to open an InternetForm — such as a purchase order, invoice, or other contractual agreement — and fill, save, sign, and submit it for processing, thereby interacting with an EDI system that was previously available only to other EDI systems. www.PureEdge.com, www.xmls.com