Oracle Corp. announced the pending availability of Oracle8i Release 3, the third generation of their Internet database. The new release will incorporate the latest Java and XML technologies as well as advanced, triple Data Encryption Standard (Triple DES). The combination of Oracle8i Release 3, Oracle Internet Application Server 8i (Oracle iAS) and Oracle Internet Developer Suite comprise the next generation of the Oracle Internet Platform, Oracle’s complete platform for Internet computing. The Oracle Internet Platform-including virtually all the technology software needed to become an e-business-is available today. With Oracle8i Release 3, Oracle has added: Common Java and XML Services between Oracle8i Release 3 and Oracle Internet Application Server 8i; Oracle8i (JVM) Java Virtual Machine capabilities across server tiers including common EJB support for Entity Beans. Java Servlets and JavaServer Pages; Java 2 Enterprise Edition APIs includes Java Messaging Services (Java JMS), Java Transaction Services (JTS) and JDBC. Oracle8i JVM Accelerator provides native compiled Java code for greatly enhanced Java performance. XML SQL Utility makes reading and writing XML documents in their native formats easier than ever before. Oracle8i Release 3 also allows relational data to be searched, queried and retained in its original XML format. Oracle plans to make Oracle8i Release 3 available in Summer 2000. At that time, Oracle8i Release, both Standard and Enterprise Edition, will come bundled with business-to-business workflow and standard management packs free-of-charge. These former options to the database were previously priced and sold separately.