Openpages, Inc. announced a new version of Openpages ContentWare. ContentWare 2.5 is designed to help commerce and e-media organizations more effectively create, manage and deploy timely, accurate and compelling content. Openpages, Inc., provides a high level of integration with popular desktop applications for deployment to any channel, including Web, print and wireless. The new version includes enhanced support for Java, XML and the Apple Macintosh OS. It also features direct integration with leading desktop software packages, including Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Macromedia’s Dreamweaver, Microsoft’s FrontPage, SoftQuad’s XMetaL and QuarkXPress, giving organizations–and their individual content creators–greater flexibility to produce, change, archive, deploy and re-use business-critical content. New Features include: Enhanced XML Support; Integration with SoftQuad’s XMetaL; Added support of XSL templates; Integration between ContentWare and XML content created using Word; And support for Java Server Pages. Openpages ContentWare 2.5 is shipping immediately to selected sites with volume shipping to begin in the third quarter of 2000. U.S. list pricing begins at $150,000 for multi-user configuration.