Adobe Systems Incorporated announced the immediate availability of the Adobe Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) Viewer, a browser extension that enables current versions of popular web browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator to render SVG. The Adobe SVG Viewer is included with Adobe Illustrator 9.0 software, which began shipping June 2, and is also available for download from Adobe’s web site at: SVG is the W3C’s emerging, open language for describing two-dimensional graphics in XML. Because it expresses vector graphics in XML and is compatible with other W3C initiatives, SVG’s impact on the design, development and ultimately the customer experience of highly sophisticated e-commerce web sites could be profound. Using SVG, web site architects enjoy a more compelling authoring environment for creating rich, multi-channel, dynamically generated content. Graphics can be customized, modified, scripted, and adapted during design or at run-time by a server, then distributed in an optimized form to multiple platforms. SVG also integrates seamlessly with existing Web workflow and standards, allowing IS professionals to incorporate content from numerous back-end databases, servers and e-commerce engines without the limitations of a proprietary data format. Most importantly, customers will have a more compelling web experience, including faster downloads, better navigation and true interactivity. SVG is being developed by the W3C and its members, who include Adobe, Apple, Corel Corporation, Hewlett-Packard Company, IBM, Kodak, Macromedia, Inc., Microsoft Corp., Netscape Communications, Quark Inc., Sun Microsystems, Inc., and Xerox Corporation. The specification is currently in its eighth working draft and Last Call phase. The most recent public draft was released on March 3, 2000. For more information on SVG, please visit the W3C web site at: The Adobe SVG Viewer ships with Adobe Illustrator 9.0 software and is expected to be included in upcoming versions of additional Adobe products, including Adobe LiveMotion. It is also available for download from the web site at: Adobe is providing an SVG overview and tutorial with numerous SVG examples at: