WebXi, Inc. introduced Symmetry Xchange integration Suite (SymmetryXi), a B2B integration solution to integrate corporate data sources and legacy systems with a cost-effective, scaleable and flexible open standards architecture. SymmetryXi is a solution for portals and application server vendors. SymmetryXi provides reliable, commercial-grade XML messaging – critical for emerging XML-based e-markets and trading exchanges. Using SymmetryXi, companies can integrate the business processes of customers, suppliers and distributors, reducing development and implementation costs and speeding time-to-market. SymmetryXi is a Java-based solution that uses XML technology as a backbone to deliver a scaleable B2B integration solution. SymmetryXi provides a flexible architecture utilizing XML adapters and also provides a software development kit so that companies can create custom XML adapters to integrate in-house systems and to incorporate emerging standards. Symmetry Xchange integration Suite is available now. Pricing varies depending on components and configurations purchased. Volume discounts may apply. www.webxi.com