Quark Inc. and Quill Communications announced an alliance intended to increase efficiency and margins for companies that produce and publish advertising, direct marketing, and manufacturing product catalogs in print and Web formats. Quill will integrate Quark Digital Media System with CATPUB (Content, Approval, Tracking, Publishing), Quill’s Web application for managing workflow, content approval, tracking, and publishing. Quill’s integration of the two systems will result in a Content Intensive Media Management solution that hopes to eliminate the challenges of managing and publishing large amounts of content. QuarkDMS is a solution that lets customers manage a virtually unlimited number of text files, images, and other digital resources. It combines an Oracle8 relational database with a scalable three-tiered architecture capable of serving hundreds of concurrent users. The QuarkDMS clients offer secure access to assets from both Windows and Mac OS platforms, as well as from standard Web browsers. www.quillcom.com, www.quark.com