Quadralay Corporation announced the general availability of WebWorks Publisher Professional Edition 6.0. WebWorks Publisher Professional automates the conversion of FrameMaker documents for online delivery. WebWorks Publisher Professional, an upgrade to Quadralay’s WebWorks Publisher 2000 product, adds support for XML and XHTML. It also introduces WebWorks Help 2.0, a fully-XML-based online help system. WebWorks Publisher Professional provides a set of simple-to-use functions for mapping FrameMaker documents and converting their content and graphics into a selection of online delivery formats. WebWorks Publisher Professional creates online output that is immediately usable, with no editing or post-processing required. WebWorks Publisher Professional also provides comprehensive template creation, re-purposing and customization capabilities. WebWorks Publisher Professional scales to accommodate any size of enterprise online publishing project. Its collapsible tree views now afford project management and structural flexibility because they provide the ability to manage any number and size of books within the scope of a single project. In addition, they allow enterprise-wide projects that blend FrameMaker-based documents with other formats such as Microsoft Word, and other publishing tools such as Robohelp. WebWorks Publisher Professional is priced at $995 for Windows platforms and $1,295 for UNIX platforms. Pricing for shared UNIX systems and international versions and for upgrading from WebWorks Publisher 2000 or WebWorks Publisher Standard Edition, a version shipped with Adobe FrameMaker 6.0, is available from Quadralay. Quadralay also offers a full set of training, consulting, technical support and template customization services. www.webworks.com