SyncML, the initiative founded by mobile technology industry companies Ericsson, IBM, Lotus, Motorola, Nokia, Psion, Palm, Inc. and Starfish Software, has released its first specification and reference toolkit. Delivered months ahead of schedule, the Specifications and Reference Toolkit source code are available in the Supporter area of the SyncML Website located at With the immediate availability of the first set of released SyncML specifications and development code, Supporters can deliver feedback directly to the SyncML initiative and start product development work. Bringing SyncML-based products one step closer to the public, the specifications include a full description of the XML based SyncML format, and a first look at the SyncML synchronization protocol. The toolkit will also include information on using SyncML over HTTP, WAP and OBEX. Since the announcement of its formation in February 2000, nearly 200 companies have announced their support for SyncML. The goals of the initiative are to develop a universal synchronization standard for the mobile computing industry. SyncML compliant products will be able to exchange information seamlessly across a wide range of operating platforms and communications technologies. Supporters of the initiative now include the founding eight companies and organizations such as Symbian, Excite@Home, PUMATECH, fusionOne, Xircom, and BT Cellnet. A complete list of the Supporters can be found on the Website.