Mediasurface Limited announced availability of its third generation software. Mediasurface 3 has rules-based one-to-few personalization, high performance caching for dynamic content delivery, WAP support and e-services integration with localization and syndication providers. For most customers, Mediasurface 3 implements in 6-8 weeks, providing a boost in time to market for business-to-business, business-to-consumer and communities-based Web sites. Mediasurface 3 was designed as the hub of e-business to manage all interactions between people, content and applications with high levels of integration and support. Mediasurface 3 takes the ideal content management infrastructure and expands it to include customer features that enhance delivery of content. The dynamic caching capability enables customers to confidently increase site traffic and content bandwidths in line with demand. By separating content from presentation and structure, Mediasurface 3 returns the ownership of content to the business user. The software delivers ease of use and enables non-technical people to disseminate content with virtually no learning curve. Mediasurface 3 builds on Mediasurface’s existing solution for Web content management. New features of Mediasurface 3 include: Group-based personalization out-of-the-box; Linux 6.1 & WAP support ,High performance caching, localization for multilingual sites, syndication for import and export of content via Mediasurface Integrator & Gateway, and full support for Macromedia Dreamweaver as a Mediasurface template design tool, including access enabled through an HTTP connection. Mediasurface 3 is an enterprise strength application suite – not a toolset or commercialized custom-developed software. Mediasurface 3 integrates with e-commerce, knowledge management, design, localization and personalization software, and is delivered through select, highly trained service partners. In addition, Mediasurface 3 follows previous versions by operating in a multi-server environment where content is shared in real time between multiple Mediasurface servers. This content sharing is controlled by workflow rules and allows content to be synchronized in multiple repositories on multiple physical severs. The three-tiered approach to the Mediasurface product also allows the data repository to be held on separate highly tuned database servers where disk is optimized for access speeds and volumes. Pricing for Mediasurface 3 begins at $100,000 and is available directly from Mediasurface, through alliance partners or through ASP partners including Andel Consulting.