Lutris Technologies, Inc. announced Lutris Enhydra Professional 3.0, the latest Lutris-certified and supported version of the Open Source Enhydra Java/XML application server. The product includes an integrated suite of development and deployment tools for consultants, system integrators and corporate IT departments building Internet and wireless applications. Lutris Enhydra Professional 3.0 is the latest addition to the Lutris product family, which includes Lutris Enhydra Standard currently available from Lutris, and Lutris Enhydra Enterprise scheduled for release in the fall. The professional version includes an integrated suite of tools that speed overall development and deployment of Enhydra applications, enhanced support for development of wireless applications, comprehensive documentation, and additional customer support. Lutris Enhydra Professional 3.0 supports wireless development with the inclusion of a wireless development tutorial, and a wireless development kit that includes versions of the YoSpace WML browser–an all Java Nokia phone emulator, and the WAPtor WML editor. Using these tools, developers can build applications that transparently support varied devices such as PCs, phones, PDAs, and kiosks. Integrated development and deployment technologies include InstantDB, Inprise’s JBuilder Foundation 3.5, and PostgresSQL 6.5.3. InstantDB, an Open Source all Java relational database provides developers with the convenience of an easy to install, standards-based development database. The comprehensive set of award-winning development tools in JBuilder Foundation 3.5 offer developers an integrated environment from which to develop their entire application. Forte for Java Community Edition 1.0 from Sun is also included on the product CD. Pricing for Lutris Enhydra Professional 3.0 has not yet been announced. The product is scheduled for release next month.