Ironside Technologies Inc. announced that they have reached agreement-in-principle with Commerce One, Inc. for the purpose of real-time seller/buyer connectivity. Commerce One and Ironside expect to finalize terms and execute definitive agreements by summer 2000. Ironside intends to integrate its Ironworks sell-side product suite and Ironside Network service offering into Commerce One MarketSite and Global Trading Web solutions. Ironside expects to support Commerce One’s xCBL transactions within the Ironworks product suite and the Ironside Network service. XCBL is expected to provide Ironside Powered suppliers access to an extensive worldwide business-buyer community. The Ironworks 4.0 product suite will provide integration capability to the Commerce One MarketSite Global Trading Portal, as well as individual trading exchanges running on the MarketSite Portal Solution. Additionally, the Ironside Network “real-time exchange to the exchanges” is expected to provide suppliers on-demand real-time integration into the entire MarketSite community of exchanges. In addition, Ironside and Commerce One expect to collaborate to streamline and simplify content management functions, working together to homogenize supplier catalog information and automate content management functions.,