Software AG USA has begun selling Tamino to U.S. companies. A native XML information server, Tamino is part of a full suite of native XML products coming from Software AG. Tamino provides a complete Web-enabled data management system for data exchange and application integration. Unlike relational databases, Tamino stores, retrieves and exchanges data in XML as its natural format, without the need for conversion to other formats. All of Software AG’s products and services are specifically geared to the requirements of B2B solutions and work well to integrate front-and-back-office solutions, allowing e-business services to function as an integral part of a company’s overall business. Tamino leverages the main benefit of XML: the dramatic increase in interoperability of data among applications. Using Tamino, data structures of any kind can be expressed in XML format and stored and treated as XML objects. XML data without a previously defined structure is also accepted and stored, unlike the classical database systems that require explicit structuring. Software AG’s database technologies, including field compression and record caching, as well as high volume capabilities, provide an XML-based data management system capable of handling large volumes of data for high throughput which can manage concurrent user requests very efficiently for high performance. Tamino also supports single-sign-on, industry-standard security systems and existing methods of encryption (such as RACF, NTLM, Kerberos, and SSL), integrating security concepts at different lTamino is available immediately for Windows NT. A version for Unix will be available during second quarter 2000, with versions for Linux and IBM mainframes following later in the year. Tamino is designed to minimize the total cost of ownership, with prices starting at $25,000 per processor.