announced the successful transmittal of the first live digital insertion order “written” in the adXML vocabulary. Having launched its first beta in February of this year, is this week proposing a 1.0 release of the online DTD section of the adXML specification.’s end-of-year goal is to include all media types in its final release. The first digital insertion order was transmitted by Mediaplex, Inc. and received on the publisher side by L90, Inc. Utilizing the adXML vocabulary, the order described all data specifications for the placement of an online campaign for a automobile advertiser. Mediaplex performed the campaign planning, buying and ad-serving functions on behalf of its client, Critical Mass, an interactive advertising agency. was launched in December 1999 as a vendor-independent initiative to develop business practices and infrastructure standards for the full automation of the exchange of commerce and content data among all sectors of the advertising industry. Now composed of more than 140 participating companies, has defined nine subcommittees representing traditional media including print, TV, radio and outdoor, as well as new media including online, e-mail, set-top box/broadband and the wireless market.