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Day: May 29, 2000

Arbortext Announces Launch of Newest E-Content Software

Arbortext, Inc. announced the launch of Epic 4.0. Principal among Epic’s enhancements is the introduction Epic E-Content Engine (E3), a server-side system that enables e-businesses to attract and retain more customers by providing more personalized, dynamic and easily searchable content for improved pre-sale and post-sale interactions. In addition, Epic 4.0 adds compatibility with Oracle 8iFS to the list of repositories that Arbortext supports. E3 forms the centerpiece of a Web-based system to assemble, process and personalize business-critical content for delivery to the Web, print, wireless devices and other media. Running under a Web server, E3 offers powerful content processing capabilities that can be triggered through commands sent over the Web. Developers can write processing routines in a choice of several programming and scripting languages including C, C++, Java, TCL and Perl. Developers gain access to E3’s capabilities through its support for the Web-standard Document Object Model (DOM) Application Programming Interface (API). E3 can convert Microsoft Word, Adobe FrameMaker and Interleaf content to XML through the Epic Interchange option. In addition, E3 can capture XML from Web forms with the Forms Engine option. E3 is capable of transforming XML for many different purposes, including HTML for Web browsers, WML for cellular phones, Open Electronic Book (OEB) for eBooks, PostScript and PDF. Through stylesheets based on XSL E3 adapts content to the capabilities and limitations of each device. For example, customers can control the size and font of text, the amount of text that fits in a single page, and the format of an automatically generated table of contents. Available as a new standard feature of Epic Architect, graphical DTD development for XML DTDs is the starting point for quick development of a DTD. This feature, along with Arbortext’s free form editing, enables rapid prototyping and helps reduce development time substantially compared to traditional DTD development. Epic 4.0 adds DOM Level 2 core support to existing DOM Level 1 support along with Range interface. Epic Editor, Epic Editor LE and E3 may be programmed using C, C++, Java, Perl, TCL and Arbortext Command Language (ACL). Epic Editor’s “Tag Alias” feature lets customer present alternate tag names to authors, which allows authors working in different language to create content based on the same DTD. With this release, all versions of Arbortext software support 16-bit Unicode. Epic 4.0 will ship in July 2000. All Arbortext customers on maintenance are eligible to receive the Epic 4.0 upgrade at no charge.

Quadralay Announces WebWorks Publisher Professional 6.0

Quadralay Corporation announced the general availability of WebWorks Publisher Professional Edition 6.0. WebWorks Publisher Professional automates the conversion of FrameMaker documents for online delivery. WebWorks Publisher Professional, an upgrade to Quadralay’s WebWorks Publisher 2000 product, adds support for XML and XHTML. It also introduces WebWorks Help 2.0, a fully-XML-based online help system. WebWorks Publisher Professional provides a set of simple-to-use functions for mapping FrameMaker documents and converting their content and graphics into a selection of online delivery formats. WebWorks Publisher Professional creates online output that is immediately usable, with no editing or post-processing required. WebWorks Publisher Professional also provides comprehensive template creation, re-purposing and customization capabilities. WebWorks Publisher Professional scales to accommodate any size of enterprise online publishing project. Its collapsible tree views now afford project management and structural flexibility because they provide the ability to manage any number and size of books within the scope of a single project. In addition, they allow enterprise-wide projects that blend FrameMaker-based documents with other formats such as Microsoft Word, and other publishing tools such as Robohelp. WebWorks Publisher Professional is priced at $995 for Windows platforms and $1,295 for UNIX platforms. Pricing for shared UNIX systems and international versions and for upgrading from WebWorks Publisher 2000 or WebWorks Publisher Standard Edition, a version shipped with Adobe FrameMaker 6.0, is available from Quadralay. Quadralay also offers a full set of training, consulting, technical support and template customization services.

Lutris Announces Professional Version of Enhydra Java/XML Open Source Application Server

Lutris Technologies, Inc. announced Lutris Enhydra Professional 3.0, the latest Lutris-certified and supported version of the Open Source Enhydra Java/XML application server. The product includes an integrated suite of development and deployment tools for consultants, system integrators and corporate IT departments building Internet and wireless applications. Lutris Enhydra Professional 3.0 is the latest addition to the Lutris product family, which includes Lutris Enhydra Standard currently available from Lutris, and Lutris Enhydra Enterprise scheduled for release in the fall. The professional version includes an integrated suite of tools that speed overall development and deployment of Enhydra applications, enhanced support for development of wireless applications, comprehensive documentation, and additional customer support. Lutris Enhydra Professional 3.0 supports wireless development with the inclusion of a wireless development tutorial, and a wireless development kit that includes versions of the YoSpace WML browser–an all Java Nokia phone emulator, and the WAPtor WML editor. Using these tools, developers can build applications that transparently support varied devices such as PCs, phones, PDAs, and kiosks. Integrated development and deployment technologies include InstantDB, Inprise’s JBuilder Foundation 3.5, and PostgresSQL 6.5.3. InstantDB, an Open Source all Java relational database provides developers with the convenience of an easy to install, standards-based development database. The comprehensive set of award-winning development tools in JBuilder Foundation 3.5 offer developers an integrated environment from which to develop their entire application. Forte for Java Community Edition 1.0 from Sun is also included on the product CD. Pricing for Lutris Enhydra Professional 3.0 has not yet been announced. The product is scheduled for release next month.

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