Vality Technology introduced INTEGRITY eSearch, a product indexing and high-speed matching engine that makes it easy for consumers and businesses to find the products they are looking for in Web catalogs. The initial component of Vality’s e-Quality Content Management (“eQCM”) solution, eSearch guarantees rapid time-to-market for deploying Web catalogs. The software also improves matches between Web search requests and available catalog items, improving customer experience and driving more transactions. INTEGRITY eSearch optimizes the indexing and matching process for content with complex formatting or structure, such as product catalog information, materials, and parts databases. The software allows companies to leverage existing product data to quickly develop Web catalog indexes that deliver accurate, reliable search results. INTEGRITY eSearch’s matching technology allows customers to employ their own terminology to successfully search an online catalog without knowing the product categories. The software’s built-in tolerance for search term ambiguity simplifies searching while ensuring dependable results, making it easier for customers to find the products they want. INTEGRITY eSearch is based on probabilistic matching technologies. The software ranks search results based on a statistical score that provides a meaningful measure of how closely the result matches the query. This approach enables INTEGRITY eSearch to return the best set of matching candidates for any query – regardless of spelling errors, incomplete query information or quality of the indexed data.