Infoteria Corporation announced the availability of iXSLT. iXSLT is a full-featured commercial XSLT processor. XSLT is the W3C recommended specification for transforming XML documents into other XML documents or into HTML. iXSLT is fully compliant with W3’s XSLT Version 1.0. IXSLT is implemented in C++ and is available in three configurations: 1) an EXE module which can be run from the command line; 2) a DLL which can be accessed from within C++ programs; and 3) a COM version for those who will need to use it with Active Server Pages (ASP) or Visual Basic applications. The DLL configuration is capable of very high speed processing of multiple XML documents by pre-loading XSLT files. The EXE version can be used on a web server as a Common Gateway Interface (CGI) module. The Japanese version of iXSLT is available now for Microsoft Windows 95/98, Windows NT and Windows 2000. The English version will be available April 1st. iXSLT pricing starts at $8,000. In addition, it is sold as a part of Infoteria’s XML Solution Components. Users of iHTML 1.0 are entitled to a free upgrade.