Tumbleweed Communications Corp. announced Tumbleweed Integrated Messaging Exchange 4.0. IME 4.0 includes significant improvements for both senders and recipients of secure communication. For example, IME 4.0 includes Tumbleweed Secure Inbox, a feature that enables e-businesses to create a protected repository for each customer to whom they send documents. A user with a Secure Inbox has a safe place to receive, store and manage confidential data, the means to securely reply to or forward documents they receive, and the ability to create and send their own secure documents via IME. Users can access their private Secure Inboxes via their existing e-mail clients or web browsers. Tumbleweed IME 4.0 also includes new features for senders of secure messages. With auto-enrollment, advanced policy controls and deeper message tracking capabilities, IME 4.0 provides the infrastructure to support the preparation and delivery of any type of business document online. IME 4.0 leverages a company’s existing infrastructure and is easily integrated with back-end systems. It features a range of security options, including digital certificate integration, encryption, SSL and web-based implementation of S/MIME, which shipped as part of IME 3.0. www.tumbleweed.com