TREEV, Inc. announced a new agreement with Sequoia Software Corporation. TREEV will integrate Sequoia’s XML Portal Server (XPS) as a core component of its strategic e-business solutions. Using the new integrated solution, customers will increase their ability to access and leverage information stored within TREEV products, legacy information spanning multiple platforms and dynamic Internet-based services and repositories. This partnership will combine TREEV’s broad range of content and process management solutions with Sequoia’s interactive e-business platform to provide customers with a faster, more effective way of interacting with stored information. With this solution, businesses will be able to provide their employees, customers and partners with personalized Web pages to access and act on information aggregated from within an organization’s valuable corporate resources, external Web content and supply chain partners. This technology addresses the process automation and content management challenge with a solution that organizes existing corporate content concurrently with Web content. This combined solution will meet a growing need for software products that can sift through the increasing volumes of corporate and Internet-based information to identify, facilitate and automate e-business opportunities. By using XML, the combined technologies of TREEV and Sequoia XPS will be capable of integrating, extracting and aggregating user-defined data and content from any variety of disparate information sources, enabling access and interaction with the most relevant information available and personalizing it according to individual user or supply chain partner needs.,