Vignette Corporation introduced its new V/5 eBusiness Platform, the largest product release in the company’s history and the cornerstone of Vignette’s new V/Series architecture and strategy. The Vignette V/5 eBusiness Platform provides an enterprise-ready architecture that helps eBusinesses build and adapt their applications quickly to meet changing market demands. It provides a scalable, reliable, and high-performance foundation for delivering content and managing interactions across multiple communication channels such as the Web, pagers, mobile phones, and e-mail. The V/5 eBusiness Platform ships with the Vignette Application Foundation (VAF). The VAF extends Vignette’s applications with an application architecture and framework for building componentized, re-useable, application modules. The V/5 eBusiness Platform offers an open application environment. The V/5 eBusiness Platform operates natively in both a COM/ASP environment and an EJB/JSP environment. ASP support will be available in the first release of V/5 while JSP support is planned in a follow-up Q4 release. VAF is now available and is included in the price of the V/5 eBusiness Platform, which will begin shipping at the end of Q2 2000.