ActionPoint, Inc., formerly Input Software, Inc., unveiled its ActionPoint Interaction Management System for Global 1000 organizations and net marketplaces. A high performance e-commerce software suite, the ActionPoint System simplifies the wide range of complex Web interactions — interactions between people and e-commerce systems — needed to conduct business on-line. It then delivers validated and formatted content to enterprise or B2B process automation systems, triggering real-time fulfillment processes. The ActionPoint System enables e-businesses to build dynamic and intelligent Web interfaces for action points. Action points include generating requests for quotes, bid responses, or purchase orders; configuring complex products; or applying for credit cards, mortgage loans or life insurance on line. The ActionPoint Interaction Management System consists of three complementary software products: ActionPoint Dialog Server – an XML-based product that allows organizations to rapidly deploy and easily maintain dynamic, personalized Web interactions at all action points needed to consummate end-to-end business on the Internet. (The Dialog Server was previously announced under the project name DynamicInput.); ActionPoint Enterprise Server – a customizable and scalable system for post-session processing and integration with enterprise systems; and InputAccel – ActionPoint’s capture system. The ActionPoint Interaction Management System will run under Windows NT and UNIX. The ActionPoint Interaction Management System will be available as separate components or as an entire solution suite in 3Q 2000. Full system pricing begins at $150,000.