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Day: April 10, 2000

CardoNet Joins Ariba to Provide Catalog Content Aggregation & Automation

CardoNet joined the Ariba Supplier Link program as a technology member to aid supplier enablement on the Ariba B2B Commerce Platform by offering access to CardoNet’s catalog content aggregation solutions. CardoNet’s MarketStand solution will facilitate the syndication and aggregation of catalog data between the Ariba B2B Commerce Platform and suppliers. As part of Ariba’s supplier ecosystem, CardoNet will be able to expand its catalog content aggregation solutions to suppliers involved in various forms of trade, including online auctions. CardoNet’s MarketStand technology enables suppliers to rapidly build and manage clean, integrated multi-vendor catalogs. In addition, MarketStand offers an advanced, scalable cost-effective solution that eliminates the complexity of managing catalog content. Moreover CardoNet’s catalog content aggregation solutions helps suppliers develop and maintain complete, up-to-date, accurate catalogs. Through its open Ariba B2B Commerce Services, the Ariba B2B Commerce Platform provides CardoNet with a single, Internet-based point of access and integration with buyers and e marketplaces worldwide. Ariba B2B Commerce Services will also provide CardoNet and its customers with access to efficient trading mechanisms and commerce processes such as content management services, global supplier directories, sourcing tools, B2B auctions and reverse auctions, electronic payment and streamlined transaction services. CardoNet also announced that it will collaborate with Ariba on the continued development of cXML. CardoNet will use cXML to make its MarketStand product available via the Ariba B2B Commerce Platform.

arcadiaOne Introduces Online Service for Content Exchange Networks

arcadiaOne, Inc. announced arcadiaOne Online, an ASP-style online service that allows businesses to automate content exchange with their partners over the internet with minimal IT infrastructure. The Online service is powered by the company’s new 2.0 release, its technology for business-to-business electronic syndication. Built on XML, HTTP, and Java, and completely ICE-compliant, arcadiaOne 2.0 is an eSyndication architecture to enable ASP-style services that allow multiple partners to exchange content with each other via remote servers. arcadiaOne Online is a flexible, online solution that enables a business to quickly and cost-effectively build a content exchange network. Once registered for the service, customers can immediately begin exchanging content with their partners and suppliers. ArcadiaOne Online is available 24 hours a day and features an easy-to-use graphical interface that can be quickly learned by any distributor or receiver of content. It is ideal for firms that wish to quickly establish an online presence with minimal IT cost and maintenance. The new 2.0 eSyndication platform is a complete solution to establish and manage syndicator/subscriber relationships and the scheduling and automatic delivery of content between them. Its flexible data architecture supports all types of content sources including file systems, SQL databases, web servers, and proprietary APIs. Being content neutral, arcadiaOne 2.0 can handle all data formats, including: text, HTML, XML, Mp3, jpeg, mpeg, and is applicable to content types as diverse as news, financial data, catalogs and multimedia audio/video. In addition to the ASP-style Online service, arcadiaOne 2.0 is available in two licensing models: Enterprise and Lite. arcadiaOne Enterprise is a scalable server that allows customers to setup exchange relationships with any number of partners for frequent, complex, and high-volume content exchanges. Enterprise is a self-sufficient exchange platform that enables customers to quickly and painlessly add new partners to their network. arcadiaOne Lite is best suited for occasional content exchange with a single partner, and requires minimum IT overhead. The Enterprise and Lite products, as well as the Online service are all fully capable of both syndicating (sending) and subscribing to (receiving) content, and can seamlessly communicate with each other. arcadiaOne 2.0 is immediately available for production deployment on Windows NT, Linux, and Sun Solaris.

Input Software Announces InputAccel 3.0

Input Software Inc. announced a new release of its InputAccel information capture solution. InputAccel 3.0 transforms mission-critical information trapped on traditional paper and fax documents into e-business ready content such as XML. InputAccel delivers this e-content to customer databases and the Web, or uses the information to trigger e-commerce transaction workflow processes. InputAccel 3.0 includes new automation technologies that allow Internet businesses to significantly increase the speed and accuracy with which they can transform paper into e-content. InputAccel 3.0 includes: InputAccel/Forms, a suite of InputAccel modules that incorporate advanced recognition technologies to automatically extract critical business data from paper or faxed forms; InputAccel/Document ID, which automatically distinguishes between hundreds of different document types so that each may be routed to the appropriate capture process; and InputAccel/Index, which enables high-speed data entry operations for those documents requiring human intervention. InputAccel 3.0 is scheduled to ship to Beta at the end of Q2 2000.

Vignette Introduces V/5 eBusiness Platform

Vignette Corporation introduced its new V/5 eBusiness Platform, the largest product release in the company’s history and the cornerstone of Vignette’s new V/Series architecture and strategy. The Vignette V/5 eBusiness Platform provides an enterprise-ready architecture that helps eBusinesses build and adapt their applications quickly to meet changing market demands. It provides a scalable, reliable, and high-performance foundation for delivering content and managing interactions across multiple communication channels such as the Web, pagers, mobile phones, and e-mail. The V/5 eBusiness Platform ships with the Vignette Application Foundation (VAF). The VAF extends Vignette’s applications with an application architecture and framework for building componentized, re-useable, application modules. The V/5 eBusiness Platform offers an open application environment. The V/5 eBusiness Platform operates natively in both a COM/ASP environment and an EJB/JSP environment. ASP support will be available in the first release of V/5 while JSP support is planned in a follow-up Q4 release. VAF is now available and is included in the price of the V/5 eBusiness Platform, which will begin shipping at the end of Q2 2000.

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